My friend Steve Tanner painted this army,
and I added to it.

The leaders of this over-hyped Boy Scout troop
Painted by: Clay - the Battlesuit. Steve - the Ethereal

I lub me some jump suits!
Painted by: Steve, modified by Clay

Railguns are nice to have...
Painted by: Steve

Stealth suits...the original model.
Painted by: Half Steve, half Clay. Can you tell them apart?

Kroot are very good to have. They die like flies, but why should I care?
Painted by: Steve

Did I mention I liked railguns? These had replaceable weapons (ion cannons),
but I just glued the railguns on permanently
Painted by: Steve and Clay

Painted by: Steve

These are just some of the many drones in the army.
Painted by: Steve

And finally, the Fire Warriors. These guys rock. They have defeated Genestealers in hand to hand!
Painted by: Half Steve, half Clay...again, paint jobs match.

Here's the whole thing

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