Dream trip to HMS Victory

14 Aug 2005

I've wanted to visit the HMS Victory for more than 20 years...and now count it as a completed task.
Wow. If you don't know the history of this ship, please do a Google search for it.

There she is. My first view of her was the tops of the masts...when we walked up
this was the stunning view of this ship. Built in 1758 and restored in phases
during the 20th century. Much of the original ship remains.

Just enjoy this view.....

Port side of the ship (Larboard).

32 pounders on the lower gun deck.

Part of the original foremast. You can see where the crew nailed a horseshoe
for good luck. Also notice the battle damage!

The other side of the mast showing more damage and the new location of the horseshoe.

The original foresail from Trafalgar. There are 90 holes from French cannon fire in it.

Grappling hooks and ropes! Boarders away!

21st Oct. 1805"

Some kid jumped on this...I didn't feel that I had the right to stand there.

Lower hold, showing the removable "pig iron" ballast and covering layer of rocks and barrels.

An original cannon. The ones on the ship are plastic.


This is a blurred photo because I wasn't supposed to take it...but you know me!
Here is where Nelson died.

Funeral boat of Charles II, used over 100 years later to carry Nelson's body
down the Thames.

The Mary Rose, flagship of Henry VIII. She did NOT capsize on her maiden voyage!
This is a fascinating ship. Too bad it was so hard to get a photo.
However, you can look it up on the web.

HMS Warrior
Build in 1860 for the Confederacy, but never delivered - here she is.

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