White Scars Chaplain.
His plasma pistol is handy...

Librarian on a bike - don't let this guy near your uber-character!

White Scar Veteran Sergeant. The Lance is from an Eldar Farseer model.

Scout conversion with Missile Launcher

Bike squad "Red"

Bike squad "White"

Bike squad "Red/White"

Bike squad "Red Dot"
Notice the guy with the Thunder Hammer?

Landspeeders. Multimeltas are best on these!

These Assault Marines were supposed to be a temporary addition,
but they are just too good not to have!

Attack Bikes, with Heavy Bolters. The way they should be.

Tactical Squad with Rhino. They will have a Razorback someday...

Predator Annihilator, with sponson Lascannons.
Yes, White Scars are smart! They can move this tank
just as fast with sponsons as any other tank without sponsons.
Funny, that...

My entire White Scars army, in all its glory. 2300+ points worth.

Oh, and don't forget the worthless, scum-sucking Scouts.
They are currently on latrine duty.

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