Bovington Tank Museum (Yeah, baby!)

04 Aug 2005

This was my first visit to the greatest tank museum in the world. For my second trip, go here.

That's all...just THE TANK MUSEUM. Excellent!
This place even has a 'tank course' they use to drive around on twice a week.

They have a very cool mockup of a WWI trench system and you're greeted with this monster as
you walk into the German portion of the trenches.

I guess this is the British version of the Soviet T-35....let's talk Steve into building some!

Nick helpfully points out that the French Somua is heading
in the wrong direction and should be going back the other way....

German Hanomag - the crew desperately could use a coat of Minwax....

A10 and A13 cruiser tanks....

An A9...whoo hoo! It certainly LOOKS tough...
I think they used a little too much glue on that paper armor.

Very nice looking Crusader III.

PzII - I finally learned what that little split-rail thing is on the side...
it holds the antennae when it's stowed! Yeah!

PzIIIN - who's that inside?'s NICK! He's crewing the 7.5cm gun.
This was a very small tank. I can't believe five men lived inside this thing.

The view from the driver's slit.

An M10! I thought this was a very large tank....

This must be some kind of fake fantasy way it existed....

SU-76....crappy paint job though (who said that?)

Panther. See, it's not so scary.
Yeah,'s scary.

Panzer II Luchs, with a Goliath next to it.

KV-1 in winter camo.

I thought somebody might appreciate seeing the writing on the side....

Another fake fantasy tank that can't possible exist....

What is this? An unpainted POS tank! Who let that in? Oh IS a Pershing...

A very nicely restored Chaffee. See how much better it looks?

Que? Is this a Japanese tank? I wonder what the sign says....

OMG! British humour* is the best! (* spelled with a 'u')
I wonder what "Ha-Go" means? "Hah! Look at that thing go!"
I dunno, you make a joke and send it to me.

A Panzer IV - I think we're on the road to something great!
(Nick offered 50 pounds if they'd let him climb inside...)

DD Sherman, a "must have" photo. Later, I wrote my name on the canvas with a sharpie.

Funny lookin'?

The very first Lend Lease Sherman, ever! It can use a coat of flat spray.
Notice the twin MGs sticking out of the hull. How many points does that cost?

StuG III - very menacing....

Here's a rear quarter view of the StuG III.

Oh...happiness and warm feelings! Look what I found!

M13/40 for all you "let's jump on the bandwagon" Italian players....take a good look!
See the oil stain and drip pan? This puppy is a WORKING TANK!

See these things? TWIN MGs... These are what will put the hurtin' on all those high and mighty
infantry armies. Better bring a crying towel....

A PzIIIL captured in North Africa. It still runs.

Valentine with desert camo.

A Grant and Matilda.

Go ahead Nick, touch it. It won't break. (Notice how Nick is NOT crying at the
sight of a Tiger tank.)

Gun barrels.
They are (from the top), German 88, British 17lbr, American 75mm, 2pdr, 37mm and a WWI 6 pounder.

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