Some wargaming I observed

(please notice how everything is painted - WELL)

SELWG (Southeast London Wargaming Group) is probably the oldest wargaming
club in the world. They are still going strong.
These photos are from my 2005 and 2007 trips.
Click HERE to see more from 2009, including me joining SELWG!

25mm DBM - impressive for a DBM game.

40K - Imperial Guard vs. Eldar...very nice looking.

Steve's new Space Marine army debuts against Sisters of Battle.

The "stand in" general tries to figure out the new 40K rules....

A better photo of Steve's army...not bad for three painting sessions!

More games

Imperial Guard vs. Black Templars fighing on Tau terrain.
Obviously the Tau have uncovered an ancient source of energy (Coke)
And the Imperial forces want it back!

20mm WWII using the new Command Decision 4 rules.

15mm WWII using Peter Pig's rules.

15mm DBM. Bah.

Hmm...I wonder if our group would wargame on terrain like this?
Nah...that open space is too big!

UPDATE! From my 2007 return trip!

I had a chance to visit SELWG again. They still set the standard.

Another 15mm DBM game. Still bah.

Still more DBM. Still more bah.

A nice Chaos grudge match, Nurgle vs. Iron Warriors.

Imperial Guard being eaten by Tyranids...

An amazing Sisters of Battle landraider. This is the army I fought in 2005!

I guess Space Marines hate each other. Or this is a 'training match'. looks like it's a good time for some Eldar to get shredded by the Necrons.

This is my friend Steve. His actual title is "Warboss Steve". He is the finest green-skin (orc)
player I have ever met. See those High Elves? Those belong to Nick and he loaned them to me
because I was considering building my High Elf army at the time. Warboss Steve is about to 'school'
me in WHFB. I wish I had an orc army. Hmm....maybe I can paint one! Nah...

Also, I did a little trick on Steve and Nick. I left this army at Steve's house so they'd have to get
together to exchange it back. IT HAS NOT HAPPENED YET. I might have to go back and do it myself!

I have no idea what they are playing, but I think it is a very serious game.

Generic photo of the gaming hall.

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