The complete Ork roster (so far)

The Orks in action

Random Force Generator

Old orks

A 24 hour painting competition is a good way to start a new army
Painting the entire Assault on Black Reach boxed set gave me a 500 point start on a new Ork army.

HQ - Warboss with power klaw
Elite - Five Nobs
Fast Attack - Three koptas
Troops - 20 boyz


This is the second batch of Orks, created for a fun "WAAAAGH!" campaign.
Each player had 500 points of Orks and the losers in the first round joined
the winner's army. The losers of the second round joined the winners and the final
battle was four on four with 500 points per player. Great idea and great fun.

This is "SHOKKA ZULU" and his shooty mech boyz that I used in the campaign.
Since there are no AoBR figures in this batch, they gave me a combined 1000 points of Orks.

HQ - Big Mek with shokk attakk gun
Elite - Five Lootas
Fast Attack - Wartrakk
Troops - 20 Boyz with shootas
Heavy Support - Deff Dread (counts as a troop choice)

(P.S. This group sucked. I hate shooting with Orks.)

This group brought me up to 1500 points.

Elite - an extra Nob with Waaagh! banner and power klaw
Elite - Three Meganobz
Elite - Three extra Lootas
Troop - 11 'Ard Boyz, with Trukk (made with WHFB Black Orcs)
Heavy Support - Three Killa Kans

To get my force up to a nice round 2000 points, I added another 500 points.

Elite - Four more Nobz (to increase the unit to ten figures), two with power klaws, one with a big choppa
Elite - Another Meganob
Fast Attack - Six warbikes!
Troop - 11 more slugga boyz from another AoBR set (making that unit a full 30 with no big shootas)

2500 points now.

Elite - Two more lootas (to make the unit 10 figures)
Elite - Painboy for the Nobz mob.
Troop - Nob with Powerklaw for the shoota mob, and an extra Big Shoota boy.
Troop - A mob of THIRTY choppa boyz! Now I have two!
Transports - a bare-bones trukk and a loaded up trukk full of options.
Now the Warboss and his Nobz, the 'Ardboyz and the Meganobz all have a ride! Heavy Support - Fighta

Shokka Zulu and Warboss Blu'tung

Nobz mob.

Tony da' flyboy and his tiger stripe kopta! Grrrrrrreat!

Meganobz for some krunch

'Ardboyz for some more krunch!

Lootas - total suckage

At least the warbikes look good! (Which is important)

Da Mekboyz hammered together a new STOMPA.

What's on my painting table, April 21, 2009.

And now they're finished! April 28, 2009.

Grot guided bombs for Apoc games

Kannon battery

Gargantuan Squiggoth!

30 shootas dressed as Napoleonic French infantry

Grots. I can't get them to stand still for a proper photograph

Warboss on warbike

Biker Nobz to go with the boss!
They are the Kracked Kranium MC.
(This unit was a beating, but I'm glad it's finished)

Buzz Bomma, with his Kuttin' Kopta and pet squig.

My new Forge World Battlefortress (with grot bomb).

Squiggy and da boyz - with stompa escorts.

Tankbustas, Stormboyz and two rokkit buggies.

Coming soon....MADBOYZ!
The wife has been slowing working on them for me over an 'unspecified' period of time.
Every now and then she puts paint on one. They'll be ready when they're ready!

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