Da Boyz in Action!

05/02/09 Apoc game at HobbyTown USA Plano

05/09/09 Apoc game at Comic Asylum

05/25/09, Tournament at Lone Star Comics

09/25/09, 2500 point game vs. Slanesh Chaos Marines

02/25/2010, 5000 point Apocalypse game vs. Slanesh Chaos Marines

04/17/2010, 2500 point game vs. Slanesh Chaos Marines

05/08/2010, 1500 point game vs. Blood Angels

06/05/2010, 1500 point tourney at The Gamer's Realm

06/19-20/2010, Astronomicon Tourney!

12/18/2010, Box-emptier Ork fight at Texas Toy Soldier

01/01/2011, New Year's Day Apocalypse game at Texas Toy Soldier

03/19/2011, Apocalypse game at Texas Toy Soldier

09/24/2011, Apocalypse game at Texas Toy Soldier

Da Noo Boyz go inta "AKSHUN" for da furst time in front of a camera!

The mob gets as far forward as possible...

Koptaz! Tally Ho!

We bring some CRUNCH to the party

As well as a lot of meat....


The Orks line up for another battle.

Da Boyz have a new flyer! Da Red Barren swoops in during it's first battle.

Lots and lots of boyz - this gives the Imperial Guard a heart attack.

The sneaky guard go first...this will suck. We don't have our flame-proof suits on....

The IG general plots and schemes. We're confident that a choppa in the face is the best plan of all.

Da Red Barren strafes the Basilisk and immobilizes it.

My boyz win with only the Warboss, his trukk and three boyz left, capturing the objective.
The basilisk can't turn and shoot them because of Da Red Barren (may he rest in pieces)...

Da Mekboyz hammered together a new STOMPA.

Here it goes into action for the first time in a big apoc rumble.

Facing down the Baneblades.

05/02/09 Apoc game at HobbyTown USA Plano

Two Stompas, One Squiggoth...5000k of Orks in battle

Squiggy has da boss and a big mek with kustom force field, protecting the gang.

Everything moves forward and opens fire. The large building is the objective.

The Imperial Guard are thinned out, and the Eldar characters have a lot of wounds on them.

Da big ROK stomps straight into the objective!
The boyz piled out of the stompas. Squiggy fell to an unbelievable amount of firepower.

Action photo - the ground shakes as the stompas pound the IG and Eldar.

It's not enough...eventually the Wraithlords and Avatar take them down.

05/09/09 Apoc game at Comic Asylum

Two Stompas, One Squiggoth Redux

Squiggy enters the battle, trying to eat a Landraider.

Squiggy full of Lootas and Big Mek Shokka Zulu.

The game is damn near ruined for me when this trash is put on the table.

This is just embarrassing and uncalled for. Leave the unfinished crap off the table.
There will be plenty more opportunities to game with these things after they are painted.
If you think it is okay to wargame with unpainted figures like this,
please click here to see a video of how I feel about it.

Oct. 9th, 2010 update! Da Waaagh! forum admin beatdown over this issue...

A vortex grenade eats the HQ building while Squiggy snacks on a Landraider.

Steve's awesome brass scorpion. It's a killer!

Jubei's scratch-built Pulsa Rokkit hits the mark.
(This is what a scratch-built item should look like.)

Da Stompas hit the table, burnin' 'em down Mr. Rico!

Two Stompas and a Khorne baneblade.

Steve's Khorne baneblade.

The Fire Dragons try to kill the Stompa.

05/31/09 750 point league game at HT Plano

How to kill Wraithguard and Wraithlords, Ork style.

The boyz brought some grots along to carry the scrap later.
Notice the three rank Napoleonic boyz!

Here's how it'd done...surround 'em and krunch 'em.

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