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I have so many pages and links that I can't find what I'm looking for half the time.
Therefore, this is a 'sitemap' listing ALL of the webpages here.

Napoleonic Battle Reports

Napoleonics, French vs. Russians

Napoleoincs at the Rat Palace III

Napoleonics at the Rat Palace III

Warmaster Napoleonics game

LSHM Lasalle test game

World Cup/Napoleonics, Russians vs. French

15mm LaBaton playtest

Aspern-Essling battle report

Aspern-Essling batrep photos

Aspern-Essling Order of Battle

Aspern-Essling special rules

GREATNESS - Bavarian Grill Napoleonics game!

25mm Lasalle game at Lloyd's

Silly solo playtest of Lasalle

Le Baton Napoleonic Rules main page

Napoleonics, French vs. Russians

Napoleonics, French vs. Russians

Napoleonics, French vs. British and Spanish

Napoleonics, French vs. Russians and Austrians

Napoleonics, French vs. Russians

Napoleonics, French vs. British

Napoleonics, French vs. Russians

Napoleonics, French vs. Russians and Prussians

Napoleonics, French vs. Spanish and British

Historical Wargaming Battle Reports

Operation Barbarossa game

Ancients, Greeks vs. Persians

French Foriegn Legion, Fort Zinderneuf

Flames of War at the Rat Palace III

Flames of War - Battle of Lens

ECW game with Sandy

Fake Battle of Antietam

ECW game at Area 51

Five player Ancients game

Greeks vs. Romans

Flames of War Battle of Brioche

Flames of War game

ECW rules playtest

Franco-Prussian War

Allen's Gettysburg game

Third Reich game in miniature

3000 point MOA game August 15th, 2010.

North Africa Flames of War game October 2nd, 2010.

Fire & Fury ACW game at Texas Toy Soldier shop Feb. 22nd, 2011.

Four player MOA game November 7th, 2010.

40K/WHFB Battle Reports

5000 point 40K Apocalypse game, Orks vs. Chaos

2500 point 40K game, Orks vs. Chaos

Orks vs. Blood Angels

Space Marines vs. Necrons

2500 point 40K game at Area 51, Orks vs. Chaos

Lame 40K batrep

40K IG vs. Orks in a hive city

HobbyTown USA 40K campaign


Tournament pages

Lone Star Comics 40K Tourney

WHFB tourney at Area 51

Astronomicon Ork army list

Astronomicon tourney report

Pre-Astronomicon tourney

England trip pages

2007 visit to England

2009 England trip

2007 trip to Emirates Stadium (Arsenal)

HMS Belfast

2005 trip to Bovington Tank Museum

2009 trip to Bovington Tank Museum

England trips main page

Food in England

2009 trip to Hastings battlefield

2005 Imperial War Museum trip

2009 SELWG trip

2009 England trip misc. photos

2005 trip to HMS Victory

SELWG photos

Other pages

40K crap main page

Aberdeen Tank Museum

My 40K Orks in action

Blood Angels

My lame attempt at making a gaming calendar

40K Chaos army

Outdated current Ork roster

Dogs of War

Deathwatch Marine

Greg Pitts trophy page

How to open a GW paint bottle

Helvis army list

Helvis army photos

High Elves

Historical Miniatures Wargames main page

2009 Historicon trip

Imperial Guard page

Website main page

Links page

Millenniumcon 12

Misc. wargaming photos

25mm Napoleonics collection

Napoleonics main page (with music)

40K Orks main page

Old Orks

Paintball page

Radio-Controlled Big Gun Battleships

My trophy kills in Blue Max vs. Sandy

Sisters of Battle page

Skirmish 08 page

Skirmish 09 page

Skirmish 2010 page

WHFB Slaanesh Chaos army

40K Tau army

Warhammer Fantasy Battles page

White Scars

Beosven, my WoW character

Orcs & Goblins WHFB army

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